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Pay Attention To The Voice Warning You!!

When I was in Bible College I was staying with my brother on Gardier lane in Baton Rouge. I had walked to the grocery store against my brothers warnings. I thought it's only a couple of blocks. As I slowly walked around the store I noticed a man following me. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I could sense something wasn't right. As an 18 year old I began to reason with myself that I was making this up in my head. So I decided to play a game to see if it was just me being paranoid. I began walking to random places in the store stopping for long or short periods of time. I did this for almost 30 min and the man was still following me. I didn't know what to do. I went to the grocery check out line. I was so afraid but I had no idea what to do. As I stood in line the man who was following me went to the only exit door of the store. He spoke to someone and they then went outside. I could see through the big glass window that the man went to a car parked in front and opened the passenger side door with it open. I immediately knew they were working together. As I stood in line waiting to checkout I continued to pray for God to show me what to do. Just when I was about to leave the check out my brother Gregory S. Trent Sr. friend Larry Queen walked in the store. I hollered out to him to come over and then I told him what was happening. He immediately walked me out of the store past the man waiting and put me in his car. As we left the store we noticed the men in the car follow us. We drove around randomly until they finally gave up and went on. Larry took me home and told my brother what had happened. My brother tried to find the car so that he could report them but never did. God spared my life that day. It is so important for us to pay attention to the Holy Spirit warning us of danger. Young ladies in your effort to be independent don't ignore the signs of God warning you of danger. Here is another article you must read.

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